Want to Write a Book?

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone is a writer.

As an experienced ghostwriter, I work with aspiring authors to help them realize their dream of writing a book. My goal is to collaborate with authors and help them organize their thoughts, convey their ideas, and engage and inspire their readers. Authors' stories come alive on the page because I make sure the writing matches their voice, tone and writing style.

How We'll Work Together

Before I take on a ghostwriting project, I carefully consider the author's purpose for writing, their readers' needs and interests, and the complexity of the subject matter. We work together on a book plan and timeline for the outline, the first draft and the completed manuscript.

Book Project Examples

  • My most challenging ghostwriting project was working with a physician to write his 300-page book on health care technology in 90 days. We worked together through transcribed telephone interviews, his notes, and my own research to meet that nearly impossible deadline. The author used his book as a stepping stone to become a health care expert for a national television audience.
  • My ghostwriting experience includes health care topics, including a book of case studies that detailed the efforts of four healthcare organizations to improve quality processes and save $5 million in two years.
  • Another book provided science-backed research and first-person testimonials on the benefits of a natural dietary supplement.
  • One of the most unusual book projects was helping a writer publish a book of poetry.

Find Out More

Writing a book is a big project, but worth the time and effort! Let's chat about the ways I can help you tell your story on the pages of a book.