Write Better, Faster Business Writing workshops

Would you like to be a better writer?

Would you like to save writing time? Accomplish more at work? Write like a pro?

Well, who wouldn’t?

As a professional writer, I understand your business writing challenges and frustrations. That’s why I’ve developed writing workshops that help make writing more efficient and effective. It's writing that gets results.

No matter what you write—email messages, memos, reports, letters, proposals or complex technical documents—I can help you discover how to:

  • Organize your thoughts before you start to write
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Convey ideas clearly and concisely
  • Connect with your readers and customers
  • Sound more professional on the page

My How to Write Better, Faster business writing workshops and individual coaching can help you strengthen your business writing skills and gain confidence in all of your written communications. 


Write Better, Faster workshops

Experienced Instructor

For more than 20 years I’ve helped writers at all levels change the way they think about their business writing. I'm also a published author, ghostwriter, editor and freelance writer.


My background includes experience as an instructional designer for staff and executive-level workshops and a facilitator for Training the Trainer programs.

My master’s degree is in communications (specializing in adult learning) and I also hold a bachelor of science degree in English and Mass Communications.


My work takes me inside the training rooms of federal and state government agencies and private sector companies from Washington, D.C., to Juneau, Alaska.

I lead writing classes for the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs, the Government Services Agency (GSA) and the State of Colorado Department of Human Services. 

Corporate clients have included IBM Global Services, Hewlett-Packard, DirecTV and Farm Credit to name just a few.

Client Testimonials

Participants in my workshops say they appreciate my down-to-earth, interactive training style:

"Jodi is an excellent instructor—she has impressive abilities and motivation. Jodi has an outstanding attitude and good humor that are evident in her personal commitment to excellence."

"Jodi gets an A+. Very calm, cool, and collected. Many innovative ideas."

"Jodi used relevant materials in her exercises that really helped. She was pleasant and made all feel comfortable." "She explained each section well and provided tips for long-term use in our writing. She made the subject easy to understand and useful."

Write Better, Faster

How to Write Better, Faster is a hands-on business writing workshop that focuses on reader-centered writing—writing that gets results. You’ll gain new approaches to your business writing and leave the class with practical skills you can use immediately for e-mail, letters, reports, performance reviews, proposals, meeting minutes, and many other documents.

Individual coaching is a valuable supplement to the class.  

4-hour Power Writing

The four-hour Power Writing workshop focuses on the key components of business writing for those needing a quick writing refresher. You can learn a lot in four hours such as the questions to ask before starting to write,  how to organize ideas based on readers' needs, how to get to the point quickly and making writing more concise.

Individual coaching is a valuable supplement to the class. 

Grammar for the Workplace

  Grammar for the Workplace is for people who want to eliminate common grammatical mistakes in business writing. You’ll benefit from assessing your current grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills and eliminating unprofessional and embarrassing mistakes.